Fasting, and its meaning

Just viewed a ramadhan content in 9gag IG, then I think its worth to write my opinion about fasting (puasa) while waiting MRT to reach Rafless place.

I’ve been a long believer that running religion have to align with our “thinking” so that we can do it wholeheartedly instead of follow it blindly (taklid). And this believe was challenged when my former Japanese boss asked us (me and my Muslim fellows) “what the reason behind the fasting?”.

My friend argue, its for our health, it cleans toxin from our body.

but somehow I disagree.

Is it for health?
I don’t think so, yes fasting can be a good way to diet, but only if you still able to drink so that you not dehydrated. So, its counterintuitive.

In my logic, it can trace-able to what we should do at the end of the month.

Is it the lebaran/hari raya? where we feast with so many foods?
Nope, thats more on culture, none of them teached by Quran.

Is it the mudik (homecoming) ? silaturahim and ask for forgiveness?
Nope, same answer as above.

The only thing obligated to us is to pay Zakat (donation) with equal to certain amount of our staple food (ie Rice) for those who needed.

Based on that, fasting for me, is a tool for us to feel the real pain for those who economically-unfortunate. Feel their hunger, feel their thirst, so that we can develop our empathy, and finally show it by sharing a fraction of our wealth for them.

But religions are meant to shape our characteristics, not just ritual. So, the success of fasting is about how we change our perception and benevolent to those people after the month. Even if as simple as a sincere smile.