Working Overseas: a wish come true

Today is my official last day as Marketing head Mayora India (Inbisco), it always emotional every time you need left your colleagues especially with different country. But I will not share about those awesome and nostalgic periods (even though it was super exciting). Instead this article was triggered by one of my recent friend questions, “Kani, how to be able to have an overseas experience? “

Well, my short anwert is, it’s definitely not overnight effort, not one year, not also 5 years. I must be honest, in my case, I prepared it for 9 years since my college graduation. Yes, its super suck to wait those 9 years, but I kept that dream live in every careers path that I took. For most of you, especially which smart enough to get global scholarship or afford for international degree, work overseas may not that cool. But for a simple Indonesian guy with average IQ score, come from middle SEC family, limited global coverage, and always struggling with English grammar 🙂 like me, the overseas career is freaking aspirational.

Ok, let’s stop the melancholic story and come back with the initial question, how to get the overseas career, here are my experiences:

  1. We should really dream and fight for it. Ensure every effort we took is towards that dream. In my case, All the companies that I worked for, was directed for this single goal. I tried Multi-National companies, Export companies, with the connection is all companies that have global operation.
  2. We should declare it. Don’t expect the companies will know that you want to go abroad. In my case, I always declare to HR in every job interview that I want to work overseas as my primary reason to apply those companies.
  3. Talk to the right person, well its quite funny because this third point nullify the second point, talking to HR is may not the best way a.k.a useless. In my case, maybe because it’s become too tired to wait, I talked directly to owner or BOD about my aspiration. It takes courage but it’s worth to shot,
  4. Make sure we deserve it, it’s a simple common-sense that sending employee for overseas working is a big cost for any company. Not only because the additional living cost and travel allowance but also the work permit is also complicated. So, before we are going to point no 3, we must show our best effort by both work harder and smarter within whatever our current role today. Convince them that the cost will be justified with our expected future contribution.

Well that’s all folks, I hope my unfortunate and lame 9 years of waiting time won’t be applied to you who interested with overseas career (you must be faster). If you guys have any thoughts or experiences related to faster way to work overseas, looking forward to sharing it in the comment below so that everyone can learn , Thanks in advance.