Macron and Religious Harmony

“In here, there is only black and white in term of law, you insult any race or religion you got jailed or fined, no matter what your race”.
– Changi taxi driver -Sep 16th, 2020.

My very first trip to campus by taxi, I continue my old habits as curious marketer to always speak to the driver to gain some insight. While usually about product, this time about the country. But I’m not expecting suddenly he spoke about one Chinese lady who recently got jailed because of her post on social media which insulted Muslim community. The driver also Chinese race, but he told me proudly about this.

The next day, I had dinner with my China citizen classmate, the fact he never went to Indonesia and I’m the only Indonesian in the class, he can’t hold to asked me, “Hi Kani, may I ask a sensitive question, is it true during the 1998 riots there are several rapes to Chinese?”. I speechless, shame and can’t find any appropriate responses except saying that during that year I still an elementary school kid, so I don’t really have right answer for that, but believe me, just come to Indonesia, and see by your own eye that what we are far better than what written in your newspaper. But deep inside my heart I so sad questioning, “Is that what they perceive to my country?”.

Next week, during Hiking in Mount Faber, again the other question raised, this time came from a Singaporean friend with quite a similar opening, “Hi Kani, may I ask quite a sensitive question…. Is that any possibility for non-Muslim to become a leader in Indonesia”. I told him, I believed this refer to Ahok’s case and explained to him that he was not the only one got jailed, there are Buni Yani and Ahmad Dhani also, just the news is not as big as Ahok. So, it was not about race or religion, but about what they did. I told him also even before his slip of the tongue he was lead the election poll. So, yes there is a hope that one day Indonesian select their leaders purely based on merit instead of their belief.

Ok now lets discuss about Macron, I condemned his stereotyping speech and all of us should do. Yes there are close-minded terorist based on Islam,and they have to be punished. But muslims with open mind are the majority. No one have right to insult other faith, literally no one. What I want to say is, I always believed that anyone who being racist or insulting other religion is as bad as insulting their own God. Because the decision whether someone born under certain race skin is belong to Him, not us, and certainly not the newborn baby. Also, it was His decision for the baby to born in specific religious family and keep it as his/her belief. And even when the baby grows and choose different religion it also protected under His law. So, neither Macron nor We should insult His decision.